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March 9, 2010

The World Premiere

There are a lot of people blogging about food.  It seems to me that most of them blog about what they’re cooking or what they’re eating.  These are important to me.  I love to cook and I really enjoy food but that’s not what I want to focus on.

I like looking at how food is marketed.  What is it that companies do to try to get their food to fly off the shelf or off of the menu and into someone’s mouth?

Why do I want to write about this?  I’ve spent most of my adult life working in food.  Went to the CIA, then worked in pastry.  Transitioned into corporate and worked in the test kitchens at Kraft including a stint as their Senior Corporate Chef in the Foodservice Division.  Owned a restaurant for 4 years.  Got an MBA (okay, that’s not really food related and I admittedly spent 2 1/2 years eating soft pretzels for dinner) and have worked as a culinary business consultant for a while.  I’m surprised by some of the ways food ideas are thrown out there.  Recipes with no purpose often do more harm than good.

You’ll see what I mean.